快三走势图夸怎么看—官方网址22270.COM_AnimA ARPG (2019)

快三走势图夸怎么看—官方网址22270.COM_AnimA ARPG (2019)

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甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMhe RPG you've always been waiting for has finally arrived on Android devices!

Anima is an action RPG (hack'n slash) videogame inspired by the greatest old school games and made with passion by Rpg lovers for Rpg lovers, and released in 2019.

Anima, compared to other mobile ARpg, is highly dynamic and leaves the player the chance to fully customize its character, based on their play style, preserving the charming style of the old classics.

AC甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMION RPG OP甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMIMIZED FOR MOBILE GAME
Fight against evil forces wherever you want and conquer the single player offline campaign with potentially infinite game difficulties.
Follow the storyline or simply go on, slash enemies, loot items and improve your character!

甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMHE BES甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COM MOBILE HACK'N'SLASH OF 2019
Fast-paced combat, amazing special effect and dark fantasy atmosphere will accompany you through this fantastic adventure.
Go down and explore the abyss, Kills Demons, Beast, Dark knights and other demonic creatures that populate over 40 levels and then challenge your skills with engaging boss fight! Explore different dark scenarios, reveal hidden secrets and Explore unique locations!

- High Quality mobile graphic
- Suggestive Dark fantasy environment
- Fast-paced Action
- 40+ different playable levels
- 10 games difficulty to test your power
- 10+ secret unique levels
- Exciting Boss fights
- Stunning soundtrack

CUS甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMUMIZE YOUR CHARAC甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMER AND 甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMES甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COM YOUR SKILLS
Choose your specialization between Skirmish, Archery and Sorcery and try unique combo with the improved multiclass system. Level Up your character and learn new strong abilities through three different skill trees:

- Level up your character and assign attributes and skills point
- Unlock more than 45 unique skills
- Choose from three different specializations
- Create unique combo with the Multi-class system

LOO甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COM POWERFUL LEGGENDARY EQUIPMEN甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COM
Slash horde of monsters or bet your gold on the gambler to find ever powerful items and empower your equipment with the upgrade and the infuse systems. Adorn your equipment pieces with more than 8 different upgradable Gems.

- Find more than 200 items of different rarity (normal, magic, rare and leggendary)
- Equip powerful legendary items with unique power
- Upgrade system to increase your item power
- Infuse two leggendary items to create a powerful new one
- 8 different kind of precious gem with 10 level of rarity

甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMO甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMALLY FREE-甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMO-PLAY
甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMhe game can be played totally for free, with the exception of some in-app purchase for the ones who want to unlock extra features amd that want to support the developement of this new Action Rpg for Android!


We are planning to make of 快三走势图夸怎么看—官方网址22270.COM_AnimA one of the best Action Rpg on the store so we are constantly working on the game and we will release new updates and fresh content periodically. And remember, we made it because we love it.

甘肃快三app官方登入—官方网址22270.COMo stay in touch with us and to receive the latest updates on Anima follow us on:




Major Bugs

- player items and statistics now work correctly;
- improved saving system;
- improved random dungeon generator system;
- fixed dungeons bugs;
- the premium account actually works fine.

Minor Bugs
- Venom Aura nerf;
- Arabeth first boss nerf;
- the screen no longer goes off during gameplay and videos;


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最新版本 :8.8 Android:8.8 近7天 : 7.4
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